My work over the past 11 years has taken me to developing countries all over the world.  My heart has been broken over and over for the poor, both in the developing world as well as in my own country and filled my heart with a desire to use my gifts and resources for good.  In every place God has taken me, I've seen the urgent need for sustainable business opportunities.  I see artisans making incredibly beautiful products and the potential for them to earn a sustainable income if given the opportunity to market their work.

I've prayed for God to lead me in the way He has planned for me to help artisans living in poverty.  I am a weaver and fiber artist so am especially drawn to the weaving and textiles made with such incredible skill.  It has been the desire of my heart to be a part of empowering artisans to create a sustainable living wage through their work.  I support fair trade businesses, especially those that are equipping the artisan or maker to create sustainable businesses to support their families but continue to seek ways to do more.

Trades of Hope exists for this purpose,  to empower and equip artisans through fair trade, sustainable business!  As a Trades of Hope Independent Sales Consultant I have the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful mission.

I am a Jesus follower, mom, grandmother, wife, sister, artist, teacher and advocate for children and the poor. It is a great joy to be a Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur, a part of the mission to empower women and give them hope and a bright future for their families. The stories of the artisans we partner with inspire and encourage me to persevere in my dream to do what I can to empower these artisans. 

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