Inspire a child’s creativity!

A Joyful Mark

The Art Studio for Children

God's design, creative spirits and joyful marks are what you'll find in this art studio for children. I believe that God designed each child with a creative spirit. Art experiences nurture this creative spirit and inspire a child to see God's awesome creation in new ways, with their artist's eyes. Art teaches a child to think creatively.....explore ideas.....make discoveries themselves and so much more.

An art teacher for over 25 years of my life, the birth of my grandsons reignited my passion for nurturing creativity in young children!

“A Joyful Mark”, was designed as a unique online art studio filled with inspiration and ideas to spark the imagination and creativity in a child!


Beginnings ~ Lines Can Tell a Story

Children's art begins with lines; first scribbles, then lines that form figures and objects. With a little encouragement and inspiration we learn to look at the world in new ways. We'll explore using pencils, crayons and markers in new ways, creating different kinds of lines. God's design will be our inspiration through a variety of prompts such as natural objects, Bible stories, songs and poems. At the end of this course the child will have gained new ways of expressing themselves through art.

Beginnings Shape Stories

 Shape Stories, the second course in my online studio is all about seeing, imagining and creating shapes. With a little encouragement and inspiration we learn to look at the world in new ways.

Beginnings Color Makes Me Smile

A colorful rainbow from God, seeing color in nature, basic color mixing and how artists use color to express themselves are all part of this fun colorful adventure! We'll use crayons and watercolor crayons to learn the color mixing basics.