brokenness, rest and restoration

Began last week redesigning my website with renewed plans to begin my online journal. I journal almost daily…buy not publicly. That day I broke my wrist and have spent the week learning to live with pain and one hand.

Today ..determined to rest and listen to God’s voice leading me through this not fun journey, I learned some things. As I began attempting to stubbornly push through trying to work on my current mixed media fiber piece…. which means needle, tiny threads and one hand, I felt a nudge…. “why don’t you paint…you can use watercolor with one hand”. It felt like the Holy Spirit counseling me, renewing my mind, breaking through my stubbornness.

It also felt like this wisdom wasn’t only about my need for a safe art media for this day but a message about my stubbornness in other areas of life.

Is it only when I’m broken that I listen to the LORD? I feel a fresh sense of understanding about restoration. It doesn’t happen until you’re broken…physically, emotionally or spiritually broken, I think the truth is the same.